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We're on the look out for hard working, honest individuals who are reliable, dependable and an asset to our company.  We will work on an employee, corporation to corporation or 10/99 basis.

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Marketing Distributor
$9 / hour
Must use own car

Must be energetic and able to go out to busy areas to hand out flyers and cards.  Example locations include parking lots, busy streets and even door to door.

Must be able to give out 300 cards/flyers an hour on average.

Business To Business Sales
$9 / hour + 10% Revenue Commission
Must use own car

Must be of professional appearance with excellent communications skills.  You will be required to visit at least 1 business each hour to talk to owners and business decision makers.  You will be making your own appointments and schedule, and can work from home if required.  Your goal is to sign up businesses for monthly maintenance deals.  You will be paid for the time you spend visiting clients.

On-Site Networking
$21 / hour - or per job quote
Must use own car

Must be able to quickly and correctly identify networking problems for both wired and wireless networks.  Must be familiar with TCP/IP and Microsoft networking products and must possess relevant certifications.  You will also need to be of professional business appearance when visiting client locations.

On-Site Computer Repair
$21 / hour - or per job quote
Must use own car

Must be able to VERY quickly and correctly identify computer problems such as CPU, power supply and motherboard issues, as well as software problems such as corrupt DLLs, registry errors, spyware, viruses, printer issues and mis-configurations.

Telemarketing Agent
$9 / hour
Work from home option

This position requires you to make high volume calls (200 - 400 calls per hour) to businesses asking for their fax and email as well as explaining what we offer.  You may work from home with this position if you can demonstrate a quiet calling capacity from your home.  We provide you with leads.  English and Spanish speakers sought.

Pick Up and Delivery Person
$9 / hour
Must use own car

This position requires you to pick up and deliver computers to customers in your area.

Software Programmer

Can you write anti-virus software?  If so let us know.

Electronic Engineer

Can you repair BGA arrays and motherboards in general? If so let us know.


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