Mobile Office

We can supply you with a full touch screen in-car PC system with Wi-Fi as well as Cingular(US) or T-Mobile(US/UK/Europe) internet if required.

We will include GPS navigation receiver and software as well as a backlit keyboard.

You can do the following with our kit:

  • GPS voice and on-screen 3D navigation
  • Play DVDs
  • Play millions of MP3 tracks
  • Send and Receive Emails
  • Have emails read out to you when driving
  • Browse The Web
  • Watch You Tube Videos
  • Make FREE VOIP telephone calls
  • Make FREE Video calls
  • Type Office Documents
  • Print faxes and color documents

Simply install as you would a car stereo and have a world of information at your fingertips through Windows XP Media Edition.

How It Works

This car PC may be installed in your center arm console, in your trunk, or in your dashboard.  It simply requires a connection straight to your battery (usually found under inside your dashboard).  It features intelligent circuitry to prevent draining your battery as well as managing electrical spikes for starting the car.

What You Get

PC Unit
DVD unit
In-Dash Motorized SVGA Touchscreen
FM / AM Radio
Backlit Keyboard
GPS Receiver (place on dashboard under front window)
Remote Control
Audio Amplifier System
Video Camera
In-Car Color Printer

Fully Tested and Ready to Go!
Simply take to your local car audio shop to fit - they may charge around $100.

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