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When you click on our "HELP!" button, your computer will attempt to download some files from our server to your C: drive.  

Your computer will ask you if you wish to 'RUN' or 'OPEN' the software - say yes.  Your computer may also only allow you to save a file called 'livehelp.exe' (our help program) - save the program to your C: drive and then double click it to run it.

These files will be used to allow our experts to help analyze your computer and repair it.

Our LiveHelp system identifies your computer's unique address on the Internet and then logs onto our data-center where our experts can then log on to your computer.

One of our experts will actually be right there with you on the computer.  You will see the mouse move and programs being run on your computer to repair it.

Click the "HELP" button to download our remote access program
OR Click HERE to find out more

and then click "RUN" (or "OPEN") and "UNBLOCK"

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Q: I broke off a remote session, what can I do to uninstall your software? 

A: Download cleanup.exe and run the program - it will remove our software and prevent your PC trying to contact us for support upon reboot. 

Q: Should I upgrade to Vista? 

A: We are not recommending any upgrades to Windows Vista at this time. The operating system is not mature enough for production usage. We encourage clients to continue using Windows XP Professional SP2 or Ubuntu Linux. 

Q: Is it safe to click on links in e-mails or instant messages? 

A: Unless you can absolutely 100% verify you know the source of the message, it is not safe. There are many scams, spams and viruses ever increasingly finding their way in to computers around the world. It is more important than ever to be safe, rather than sorry. 

Q: How can I keep my data safe? 

A: Always back up! If you don't have a DVD burner or an external drive, get one. Keep multiple backups in separate locations if possible. 

Q: I have data that is lost. The drive still works but I can't get to it. Can The PC Repair Shop to recover my data? 

A: In most cases we can. Please give us a call at 770-997-9131 and we'll schedule an appointment for an estimate. 

Q: My drive is physically broken. Can you still recover my data? 

A: This varies on how the drive is broken. If it is an external drive, sometimes this is a failure we can work around. If it is an internal drive and it is making strange clicking noises, spinning up and down over and over or not powering on at all, there's a chance we may not be able to recover the data - BUT WE WILL TRY.  Please call us at 770-997-9131 and we'll help you assess the situation. 

Q: My laptop's screen is shattered. Can you fix it? How long will it take? Is it worth repairing? 

A: We can repair broken laptop screens within one or two business weeks on most occasions. It is generally worth repairing unless the system is more than four years old. It's important to note that we only use new replacement parts that are sourced from manufacturer approved resellers for the best quality repair. 

Q: Can you repair or replace laptop keyboards? 

A: In most cases yes. Please call us at 770-997-9131 for a free estimate. 


Q: Do you repair ANY laptop problem?

A: YES.  Unlike most other computer repair companies, we are electrical and electronic engineers also.  That means we are fully qualified to perform detailed electronic diagnostics on any PC , laptop (including MACs) and even Playstations and other gaming systems!

Q: My computer is running slow. Is it infected with viruses and/or spyware? 

A: In most cases, yes. This can also happen if your system is overheating or you have a lot of (unnecessary) programs running at once. Other times you may simply need more memory to meet your usage requirements. Please call us at 770-997-9131 so we may help you assess the situation. 

Q: Does The PC Repair Shop perform contractual high availability business computer services? 

A: Yes, with corporate clients call 770-997-9131 to speak with a sales representative. 

Q: Do you repair printers? 

A: For personal and small business printers we can perform repairs if the unit is brought to our office. We do not perform on-site printer repair unless we have a contract with your company. Please call us at 770-997-9131 to schedule an appointment. 

Q: Can you help me wire my home network, telephone, tv and/or home theater? 

A: Our technicians are available for cabling projects that involve two or more hours worth of labor at fixed rates. Please call us at 770-997-9131 to discuss your cabling needs 

Q: Should I stop using file sharing programs and web sites? If so, why? 

A: Yes, and for many compelling reasons. First and most obviously is that it's illegal (and growing more so each day). Secondly, and just as important is that these sites are hosts of viruses, spyware and other malicious content that CAN and likely WILL infect your system. 

Q: Why does The PC Repair Shop work by appointments and not walk-ins? 

A: We feel it is important to give every customer hands-on service with one of our technicians in a relaxed setting. Appointments are scheduled every half hour (as technicians are available) from Sunday through Friday. Please call us today at 770-997-9131 if you're having computer troubles.