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$50 Laptop and PC RE-Install!

Bring your system to us for a LOW COST diagnosis of how it is performing.  

We will:

  • Check Motherboard
  • Check Memory
  • Check Processor
  • Check Hard Drive
  • Check DVD / CD / Writer
  • Check Power Supply
  • Check Connectors, Ports and Cables
  • Check Windows Drivers
  • Check Windows System Files
  • Check Windows Registry
  • Check Windows Start Up Processes
  • Check Hidden Background Processes

A new PC costs around $500 so why pay $200 on a repair if you can get it repaired for less?  Free anti-spyware and anti-virus from Yahoo, AVG, Ad-Aware... and even paid versions from major companies will only remove non-persistent spyware leaving you with one or two that will simply keep coming back when you reboot.

Spyware can adapt itself to protect itself from anti-spyware programs.  We use physical techniques to completely erase all spyware and viruses that may require the temporary removal of your hard drive from your system to ensure 100% success.

We will:

  • Repair Laptop Power Jacks and Internal Motherboard Issues
  • Remove All Spyware (including all reloading persistent types)
  • Remove All Viruses
  • Speed Up Your PC
  • Provide FREE Spyware Protection Software
  • Provide FREE Anti-Virus Software
  • Repair CD / DVD if possible
  • Repair corrupted Windows Files
  • Optimize Registry and start Up processes
  • Much More...

How It Works

You can either drop off your PC at any of our drop off locations, or we can pick up from you for a fee of only $20.

If you need on-site networking support, our fee is $80 per hour for a minimum 1 hour (Go to the "Services" page for more information on networking)

Otherwise if you simply just need your PC repaired, let us know how fast you need it back.  If you need it within 24 hours we will only charge an extra $100.  If you need it back within 2 days, our extra charge is only $50.  And if you need it within 1 to 7 days there are no extra charges.

We will diagnose your PC for only $20 and then let you know if it is repairable and at what cost.  This is a very LOW cost diagnosis and refundable if we repair your computer - so you have nothing to lose.  Most repairs do not require any extra parts - we will attempt to repair faulty CD/DVD drives as well as faulty fans and power supplies.  If any parts do require replacement, we will call you and inform you of the cost of parts before proceeding.

The first thing we do when we check your PC is identify the causes of any slow downs.  If your PC will not switch on, we check hardware components (such as the power supply) to see if they are at fault.

We then proceed to systematically identify and remove all spyware and viruses.  Quite often Windows system files have become corrupted or deleted together with the Windows registry - we will completely repair all of these components.

If you require your data to be backed up, we will burn your data to CD - including emails - from an additional $35.