Our Live Help System

How It Works

When you click on our "HELP!" button, your computer will attempt to download some files from our server to your C: drive.  

Your computer will ask you if you wish to 'RUN' or 'OPEN' the software - say yes.  Your computer may also only allow you to save a file called 'livehelp.exe' (our help program) - save the program to your C: drive and then double click it to run it.

These files will be used to allow our experts to help analyze your computer and repair it.

Our LiveHelp system identifies your computer unique address on the Internet and then sends an email to our data-center where our experts can log on to your computer.

One of our experts will actually be right there with you on the computer.  You will see the mouse move and programs being run on your computer to repair it.

Our experts will perform a free analysis of your computer before proceeding with any repairs.  When we are finished, our programs are removed from your system and you will have benefited from a low-cost high-technology solution that did not require you to unplug or take your computer anywhere.

The process of analyzing and repairing your computer can take anything from 15 minutes to 3 hours depending on connection speed, number and types of problems.

Most repairs will take around 45 minutes.

We only charge $9.99 for this service - the most economical charge in the industry (other companies charge between $24.99 and $99 for the same service).  Furthermore, we offer a money back guarantee if we were unable to repair any problems on your computer.

Online repairs do have some limitations, however.  

If we cannot completely resolve all of your issues online and you wish to have ALL issues resolved, then simply drop your machine off to us and we will completely repair your computer for our standard fee and FULLY REFUND your online repair charge.

Our online service requires prepayment (our drop off repairs are post paid).

You can pay via VISA, Mastercard, AMEX or PAYPAL.

You will only be requested to pay after our experts have successfully connected to your computer and performed a FREE analysis of what is wrong.

After submitting to us your payment details, we will go ahead and repair and speed up your computer.


Your Privacy is of absolute importance to us.
All repair data will remain complete confidential.

Click the "HELP" button for immediate relief

and then click "RUN" or "SAVE" and then run it yourself