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Al Yusra is here to provide information about mental health issues in Islam. We are coming towards the time that the Prophet Muhammad (salalahu walayhe wa salam) mentioned in a hadith. This is the time when mental illnesses will be prevalent. This is a sign of the last days of this world when a vast number of people will "lose their minds" and suffer from mental illnesses. These mental illness manifest themselves in a number of areas such as depression, paranoia, bipolar, post-partum depression, pre-menstrual syndrome, amongst others. 

Depression,anxiety, and stress are prevalent in today's society. The cause of many divorces, fights, and fitnah amongst the believers. What are the answers? Where are the solutions? As believer's we know that Islam is the Truth, Paradise is the Truth, and the Hellfire is the Truth. We will all be tested and we are all being tested. Maybe for some of us, depression, and coping with it and all of it's manifestations is our test. Maybe dealing with people who may not have it  all there is our test. We must return to the Qur'an and sunnah as practiced by our pious predecessors. We must strive to follow the solutions outlined by our Prophet Muhammad (salalahu walayhe wasalam).

But what about mental illness, what do you do when you've supplicated to Allah and you're still depressed? Well don't abandon dua of course, continue on, as the Prophet Muhammad (salalahu walayhe wasalam) has said in an authentic hadith that Allah does answer the dua of the believer if they are patient. So we must be patient, and also we must do whatever we can to rectify our problems. If that means reading up on coping strategies, talking to a Muslim counselor/psychologist, then that may be what we need to do. We must trust in Allah and not despair of Allah's Mercy. Allah has created a cure for every disease except death and old age.

We at Al Yusra are here to help you find the relief you need. We are researching what is out there in the area of mental illness and our objective is to place it here on this site for your use. If you know of a resource that can help others, please send it to me and if it is appropriate I will add it here for others to utilize.

The founder of Al Yusra is Halimah Jordan, a muslim revert, educator, writer, and researcher.  She is originally from Temple Hills, Maryland, but currently resides in Georgia.

What is Al yusra?

  • Al Yusra is a website geared toward providing a one-stop resource for Muslims who suffer from depression, anxiety, or other forms of mental illness.




There are solutions out there for the believers although there is very limited information that has been compiled in one place for Muslims. Our goal is to find all of the information available and place it here at Al Yusra.

  • Mental Illness Prophesized

    It was narrated by Abu Musa al Ashari that the Prophet (peace be upon him) said verily close to the hour
    being established there is going to be (al haraj). Abu Musa al Ashari said, 'what is al haraj?' The Prophet (peace be upon him) said al-haraj is murder or killing. When some of the Muslims heard that they said, 'O Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) , verily in every single year we are murdering how many people of the mushrikeen (disbelievers). How can you say that murder is one of the signs of the hour and right now we're killing right now in Jihad, how many people from these kufar? Do you mean that the hour is now, while you're here right now? I don't mean your killing the mushrikeen, I mean your killing one another, and the mushrikeen killing one another, and you killing the mushrikeen, and the mushrikeen killing you, murder. Until the point that a man will murder his neighbor, his cousin, and his closest relatives (mother, father, baby, wife).  They said, "O Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) will we have our minds on that day (will we be a people thinking correctly on that day)? The Prophet (peace be upon him) said no that the minds of the people of  that time (before the hour) will be taken away from them and there will only be left people who have no minds  (people who have mental illnesses). Collected by Ahmed ibn Hanbal in his musnad with an authentic chain of narration.