allah never fails in his promise
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Allah Never Fails in His Promise

For a Muslim, everything that happens in life has both a bright side and a dull side to it.
It is part of his faith that since Allah is 'Aleemun Khabeer' he knows everything whatever that lies

ahead in the future. And that if apparently there is no remuneration from Allah in this life then surely
Allah never fails in His promise (3:09)

For Allah says in the Quran
"Those who have faith and do righteous deeds,- they are the best of creatures. Their reward is
with Allah: Gardens of Eternity, beneath which rivers flow; they will dwell therein for ever; Allah well
pleased with them, and they with Him: all this for such as fear their Lord and Cherisher" (98:7,8)

Truly no one despairs of Allah's Soothing Mercy, except those who have no faith (12:87)
It is important to understand that seeking help in times of despair is something that Allah expects from
us for we are mere creations. When My servants ask thee concerning Me, I am indeed close (to them):
I listen to the prayer of every supplicant when he calls on Me: Let them also, with a will, Listen to My call,
and believe in Me:

That they may walk in the right way (2:186)
Even the Prophets (as) called for help in times of gloom for that was for us to understand that
they are guided human beings who pray and praise their Lord for help as well. The Prophet Jacob (as) said,
I only complain of my distraction and anguish to Allah (12:86)

When during his stay in Mecca the Prophet (sallalahu walayhe wasalam) was persecuted by the
infidels, Allah said, Bear, then, with patience, all that they say, and celebrate the praises of thy Lord,
before the rising of the sun and before (its) setting. And during part of the night, (also,) celebrate His
praises, and (so likewise) after the postures of adoration (50:39,40)

Again, when Prophet (sallalahu walayhe wasalam) concealed himself in the cave of 'Thaur (Sawr)
with Abu Bakr (ra) he prayed thus, Have no fear, for Allah is with us (9:40)
In the end it has to be said that the so called ups downs are a necessary part of our lives
which are a blessing in disguise for they can help us earn greater rewards in the Hereafter.
Man on the contrary puts up a shameful performance;
Now, as for man, when his Lord tries him, giving him honor and gifts, then says he, (puffed up),
"My Lord has honored me. But when He tries him, restricting his subsistence for him, then says
he (in despair), "My Lord hath humiliated me!" (89:15,6)

We do not have to think as to what we should be doing in times of difficulty (or in times of joy for
 that matter). The Quran has already done the job of identifying a path for us; we merely have to
realise what it is and then tread that path.

Truly man was created very impatient. Fretful when evil touches him. And niggardly when good
reaches him. Not so those devoted to Prayer. Those who remain steadfast to their prayer. (70:19-23)
And finally,

O ye who believe! seek help with patient perseverance and prayer; for Allah is with those who
 patiently persevere (2:153)