Exercise the Pain Away

Being involved in regular exercise is one of the best physical stress-reduction
techniques available. Exercise not only improves your health and reduces stress
caused by unfitness, it also relaxes tense muscles and helps you to sleep.
Exercise has numerous positive benefits that you should be aware of:

It improves blood flow to your brain, bringing additional sugars and oxygen
which may be needed when you  are thinking intensely. When you think hard,
 the neurons of your brain function more intensely. As they do this they
 build up toxic waste products that cause foggy thinking in the short term,
and can damage the brain in the long term.  Exercising speeds the flow of
 blood through your brain, moving the waste products faster. This helps to improve your
blood flow so that even when you are not exercising, waste is eliminated more efficiently.

It can cause release of chemicals called endorphins into your blood stream
which give you a feeling of happiness and well-being.The key to any exercise program
lies in finding something that you enjoy doing, making a commitment,
and checking it out with your doctor to ensure that you are in the condition to handle it.
the bottom line is that exercise should be fun - if you do not enjoy it, then you will probably not keep doing it.

Group exercise can be helpful as you will have the encouragement of others.
Try starting an aerobic class  or a fitness session at a friends house and invite others.
Make it a regular thing and get a friend to encourage
you and do the same for them.

Once you get started you will see the results inshallah, both physically and mentally.