Healthy Drinks to Relax With

"Live juices" are the juice of any fresh fruit or vegetable. When you drink juice in it's live state the body is able to assimilate
and utilize the vitamins and minerals from the fruit or vegetables. This is extremely beneficial whether you are healthy and
using live juice as preventative maintenance or if you are on a program designed to help rid your body of disease and stress.

Live juices are key to any fasting or natural living program. Live juice will provide you with the vitamins, minerals, and
 amino acids to detoxify, build, and repair your body.A few tips when drinking 'live juices':

*Thoroughly wash and scrub the skins to remove all dirt.
*All live juices should be consumed within 15 minutes of juicing. Virtually all the minerals and vitamins are lost
 through oxidation after 15 minutes.

*Fruit juice will detoxify and cleanse the body of accumulated waste. Vegetable juice will build and repair the body.
Here are a few tasty recipes for your drinking pleasure!

Hot Lemon and Honey

Take the juice of a lemon and squeeze a few tablespoons into a cup. Add a tablespoon of raw, pure honey.
Then cover with boiling water. Stir it and then sip it. There is a cure in honey and lemon is a cleanser and a purifier.
This mixture is great for sore throats, colds, or just as a general pick me up. Enjoy!

Did You Know?
If the value of lemons was more known, they would be worth $1.00 each. Lemons are very useful in both
health and sickness. Hot lemonade is one of the best remedies for an incipient cold. It is also excellent in cases
of biliousness. Lemon syrup, made by baking a lemon 20 minutes then squeezing the juice upon half a cupful of sugar,
 is excellent for hoarseness and to break up a cold.

As for Honey...
Honey is the natural nectar and concentrated sweetness of flowers converted by bees to a golden rich syrup.
The sour of nectar the honey is made from determines its color and flavor, and the best is the light-colored variety of honey.
The best honey is unadulterated by beekeepers, and is collected from mountainous areas and trees. It is then strained and
has most of the impurities removed, except for some pollen and enzymes. Honey is produced by the worker honeybee
who sucks flower nectar with its tongue like glossa and stores the nectar in its honey stomach. The bee regurgitates the
 honey and either stores it in cells or feeds drones. Honey has the ability to absorb and retain moisture, and is an excellent
food preservative, and certain varieties of honey are used in treating wounds.

Honey is a natural source of energy that also offers a unique combination of nutritional benefits. Sugars are the
 fundamental unit of energy for our bodies. All carbohydrates, whether simple sugars or complex carbohydrates,
must be broken down to glucose, or blood sugar, before our bodies can use them as energy. The sugars in honey
are primarily glucose and fructose and although the body absorbs them in different manners, both provide the body
with quick energy. Recent studies suggest that this unique mixture of sugars which occurs naturally in honey, works
best in preventing fatigue and enhancing athletic performance.

For a quick source of energy and to reap the benefits of honey’s healthful properties, make honey part of your daily
diet along with plenty of fruits and vegetables. Add honey and fresh fruit to low-fat yogurt for an energy-sustaining snack
 or stir a spoonful of honey into a glass of water before your daily workout.

Citrus Sipper
1 large grapefruit
2 oranges
1 lemon
Peel and juice all ingredients. Make sure when peeling citrus fruits to keep the white pith on fruit. There are many
beneficial nutrients, including calcium in the pith. After juicing, mix it together and enjoy!

Fabulous Fruit Smoothie
Makes 4 servings.
1 pint fresh strawberries
1 cup lowfat milk
1 cup (8 ounces) plain or vanilla low-fat yogurt
1/2 cup honey
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 cup crushed ice (5-6 cubes)
In a blender or food processor container, combine all ingredients; process until smooth. Serve immediately.
For variety, use 2 cups any fresh or frozen fruit or combination of fruits such as sliced strawberries and bananas
or sliced peaches and whole raspberries.