Herbal Medicine

Many commonly prescribed antidepressants work by keeping the neurotransmitter serotonin circulating in the brain.
 Herbs such as Siberian ginseng, licorice and St. John's Wort also increase the availability of serotonin in the brain.

In clinical studies, Siberian ginseng has been helpful for people who are depressed or have other serious
emotional problems. Licorice has also been shown to be effective. Other herbs that may help depression are
 basil, thyme, lemon balm, lavender, spearmint, peppermint, rose petals, gingko, marjoram, lemon verbena, and ginseng.

Herbs Useful for Depression
Listed below are some herbs that are useful for depression orr to minimize the depression related side effects.
Licorice, Gingko, Balm, Basil, Black Hellebore, Borage, Clove, Kava kava, Oak straw, Purslane, Rosemary, Sage,
Siberian ginseng, St. John's wort, Damiana, Ginger, Thyme, Yohimbine, Fo-ti-tieng

Herbal Tonics
A combination of herbs are usually more effective and preferred for treatment of depression. The tonics are
prepared with special consideration to neutralizing the side effects caused by one and with consideration to
the specific situation of the individual who is taking it. Listed below are examples of herbal tonics used for
depression. As always, you should consult a doctor before starting on any herbal therapy. Since the herbs
may interact with prescription medicines, make sure you check with your doctor before starting on any herb
if you are currently taking any prescription medications.

Gentian Root Tea
Steep 1/2 ounce each of finely chopped poplar bark and gentian root in two pints of water for fifteen minutes.
Boil and add 1/2ounce each of agrimony and centaury. Simmer for ten minutes, cool, and strain. You can add
honey for sweetener if you desire. Take three or four tablespoons before meals.

Rosemary-Sage Tea
Boil two cups of water with one teaspoon each of rosemary and sage. Steep for five minutes, strain, and drink daily.
Antidepressant Tincture
1 teaspoon tincture of Saint-John's-wort leaf
teaspoon tinctures of licorice root, ginseng root, lemon balm leaf and ashwaganda leaf (if available)
Combine ingredients (if you do not or cannot drink alcohol, buy glycerites instead of tinctures). Take 1 dropper
 full 3 times a day.

Clove Tea
Crush cloves and add to sage, chamomile or peppermint tea and a dash of ginseng powder to lift mild depression.
St. Johns Wort Blend
Useful as a general purpose remedy for depression
2 parts St. John's-wort (Hypericum perforatum)
1 part oat (Avena sativa) straw
1 part lavender (Lavandula officinalis)
1 part mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris) leaf
Take 5 ml of the tincture three times a day for at least one month.

Kava Blend
Mix equal parts of kava, lemon balm, valerian root and St. John's wort. Pour 1 cup of boiling water over 1 tsp. of herb mix. Drink 1 cup three times daily, one hour after meals.
Feel Good Herb Tea
This tea encourages a feeling of well-being
3 Parts lemon balm herb
1 part Lavender flowers
1 part Rose petals
1 part Spearmint tea
1 part St. John's Wort
1 part marjoram
Vanilla honey to taste
Mix the above herbs and flowers in a bowl. Store in a glass jar. To prepare the tea, use 1 to 2 teaspoons of
herb per cup. Pour hot water over herbs and allow it to steep for 5 to 10 minutes. Flavor with honey or lemon if
desired. Drink up to three cups per day.

Chinese Herbs
Bupleurum and dong quai make up a Chinese herbal formula that helps reduce anxiety, irritability, and
depression. Take 1,000 milligrams of a bupleurum and dong quai combination formula two or three times
daily for two weeks out of every month (if you are a woman, take it for the two weeks prior to the anticipated
onset of your menstrual period).

Aspiration is a combination of several Chinese and Western herbs believed to help lift depression. The formula
 addresses physical symptoms as well as psychological ones, including loss of appetite, chest constriction, and constipation.

Another Chinese herbal formula, Gather Vitality, may help with insomnia or oversleeping, aching limbs, and fatigue.
For depression and anxiety: Ginseng, Longan and Bupleurum Combination (Chia-wei-kuei-pi- tang)
General tonic formula: Astragalus Combination: