Ruling on Sisters Having Trouble Getting Married

Queston: I would like your advice concerning a matter that affects me and my fellow sisters.
 This matter is that is has been written (by Allah) for us that we should live without a husband.
We have passed through the age of marriage and we are getting close to menopause. This is
the case even though, and all praises are due to Allah and Allah is witness to what I state, we are
 women of character and we have all earned college degrees. However, this is what is destined for
 us and all praises are due to Allah. It is simply financial reasons that have kept people from proposing to us.
 The customs surrounding a marriage, especialy in our land, are built upon cooperation between the spouses
concerning what will take place in the future. I ask for your advice for me and my sisters.

Response: The advice that I direct to such women who have delayed marriage is what was suggested in the
 question itself: they should trun to Allah with supplications and submission so that Allah may grant them one
 whose religion and character is pleasing to them. If a person sincerely and resolutely turns to Allah, seeking
His help, following the manners of supplications and being free of anything that prevents supplications from
being answered, then Allah has said:

"And when My servants ask you concerning me, then answer them, I am indeed near to them by My
knowledge. I respond to the invocations of the supplicant when he calls on me. (Al-Baqara 186)

Another verse states "And your Lord said, Invoke Me, I will respond to your invocation.(Ghafir 60)

Allah has stated that the response tothe invocation comes after the person responds to Allah and
believes in Him. I do not see anything stronger than turning to Allah supplicating to Him, humbling
oneself to Him and waiting for the solution. It has been confirmed that the prophet (salalalhu walaye
was salam said, "Know that victory comes with patience, relief with distress and ease with hardship."

I ask Allah for these women and others like them that Allah makes their affairs easy and grants them
 pious husbands who marry them for betterment in their religion and wordly lives. And Allah knows best.

Shaikh ibn Uthaimin